No Fault Glass Protection Plan

The Freedom Fire Pits No-Fault Glass Protection Plan safeguards your glass flame guard investment against accidental breakage—no matter the reason. No questions asked.

Some fire pit owners hesitate to buy a glass flame guard knowing it will be outside in the elements—all kinds of elements.

The two biggest causes of broken glass we see are strong winds or moving the guard around and from place to place. An accidental bump or drop can come out of nowhere. A loose clamp, slippery fingers, a tipsy guest, falling branches, an errant soccer ball, a curious animal—there could be any number of ways a glass panel gets broken.

We’ve been there, and we want you to know that if it ever happens to you—we’ve got you covered.

You’ll Never Have to Pay for a Broken Wind Guard Glass Panel

Your flame guard purchase is protected for life against broken glass panels—no matter the cause. Celestial Fire Glass will send you a free replacement panel

We even cover the cost of packaging the glass panel for safe shipment.  We only ask you to pay for the shipping. And that’s the actual shipping cost—what the carrier charges us, not an inflated rate above our cost. 

Why Do We Provide Free Glass Replacements for Our Flame Guards?

We want you to feel confident in the products you buy from us. A glass flame guard is a “must have” accessory for a gas fire pit. In breezy conditions, the guard protects the integrity of the flame while also protecting the surrounding area from the flame.

We don’t want you to agonize over this decision because you’re afraid the glass is too fragile.  Our Protection Plan removes the worry. 

And because we’re based in the U.S., you can count on us to make good on our promises. We believe a reputable company is there when you need them. We feel a strong commitment to our customers and providing them with stellar customer service is one way to show our appreciation. 

How to Get Replacement Glass for a Wind Guard

If you have a Freedom Fire Pits wind guard, it’s fast and easy. We’ll send you a free replacement glass panel. If you don’t have a Freedom Fire Pits wind guard, then you’ll have to locate a glass store and have a piece of tempered glass cut to order. And the cost will come out of your pocket. 

What to Do If Your Celestial Flame Guard Glass Panel Breaks

It’s a simple process to get your replacement.  Reach out to us online or by phone. We’ll need your order number and a bit of information so we can identify the correct replacement panel to send. 

Tell us, what size flame guard you have and the shape. If it is rectangular, we’ll need to know which side needs to be replaced—the long side or the short side.

We’ll carefully pack it for shipment and touch base with you about shipping when we get a price from the carrier. 

If you have questions about the No-Fault Plan or how to order the correct size flame guard, don't hesitate to contact us.