Fire Pit Table Buying Guide – Freedom Fire Pits

Buying a fire pit can be exciting. Adding a fire pit to your outdoor living space is nothing short of amazing. There’s nothing more satisfying than family and friends and the memories you make over a warm cozy fire. But there are so many to choose from. So many things to consider. What size should you get? Do you want a Rectangular Fire Pit or a Square Fire Pit? Do you want a Fire Pit Bowl or Fire Pit Table?Let’s go step by step and see if we can’t help you narrow down your choice.


In this guide we will take into consideration several factors when shopping for a fire pit. How much do you want to spend? Should you go with a square or rectangular fire pit table? Maybe a round fire pit would better suite your backyard space? Which gas source should you use? How much maintenance is involved in owning a fire pit? These are just a few items to consider when making your purchase. Let’s break it down and see what we can come up with. This will be fun!

What Is aFire Pit?

Basically, a fire pit is convenient and safe way to capture a camp fire in your outdoor living space. A fire pit is a man-made structure designed to contain a fire and prevent it from spreading beyond its borders. It also creates a boundary, a safe zone to keep your loved one’s safe while being used. We have all sat around a camp fire in our life time. Such an amazing experience with friends and family. One that will create memories for years to come.A fire pit is the ultimate addition to your backyard paradise.

Is aFire Pit Worth It?

Only you can answer this question. But I’m pretty sure we all know the answer. A fire pit is the gathering point for friends and family to enjoy each other and share great memories. It gives your backyard space that ambiance and feature that many do not get to experience. It is also a source of warmth and allows you to utilize your outdoor space in those cold winter months. The bottom line is owning a fire pit is the ultimate experience. Trust me, it’s worth it!

How Does aFire Pit Work?

Basically, you need several components to create a fire pit. An enclosure of sort to contain the fire. This could be made of steel, fire brick or concrete. A fuel source, either natural gas or propane can be used. A key valve to control the flow of gas. This also can vary the size of your flame and how much heat it can put out. A burner to distribute the flame. And an ignition source to light your fire. Either a match lit unit or you can opt for the electronic ignitionoption that starts your fire with a flick of the switch.


What Is Your Fire Pit Budget?

So, the first thing you want to consider is your fire pit table budget. A fire pit purchase is an important decision and you definitely want to get this right. If your budget is small you might want to consider a fire pit purchase at a local box store. These units will usually have a propane fuel source and are easy to set up. They will likely be built out of steel and will have a limited life span outdoors in the elements.If your budget is higher and you’re looking for a custom look, a purchasefrom a reputableonline retailer like Freedom Fire Pitswill be your best choice.These Fire Pit Tables and Bowls are made from a special concrete mix and are built to withstand the elements and last for many years.You will also have a larger selection of sizes, shapes and colors to choose from that will give your outdoor space that perfect ambiance.

What Size Fire Pit Do You Want?

This is where you will need to get a little creative. Asking friends or a professional for their advice will be a big help. You will need to look at your outdoor space an envision if a square fire pit or rectangular fire pit will fit your needs. Do you want a table style fire pit or a bowl style fire pit? Maybe a round fire pit will better fit the space? How many friends or family will be gathering to enjoy your fire pit? What color options are available when purchasing a fire pit? These are just a few of the questions you will need to answer before selecting a fire pit.But which ever size fire pit you choose it is guaranteed to give your outdoor living space that perfect gathering space for friends and family.

What Fuel Source Should You Use?

Natural Gas or Propane? This will depend on a few factors. Most homes have natural gas available when they were built. Natural gas is a convenient fuel source for your fire pit and very affordable. You can have a gas line added from your gas meter to your location by a professional contractor. If you do not have natural gas available then a good alternative is to use propane. Propane is also more portable than Natural Gas because it is stored in a tank. You can purchase a fire pit that contains the propane tank within the unit or you can have a hose running from your fire pit to a propane tank hidden out of view. You can also have a propane gas line installed underground to a remote location for your propane tank to sit. What ever fuel source you use your fire pit will need to be compatible with the fuel source you choose.

Fire Pit Maintenance?

Maintaining your fire pit is usually pretty easy. Natural Gas and Propane burn fairly clean so there will be nothing to clean over time. The only maintenance that will be needed over time will be with the burner. If you purchased a high-quality fire pit it will have good stainless-steel components that will last for many years.I do recommend purchasing a fire pit cover to keep leaves and debris from collecting inside your fire pit. It will also keep the components out of the weather for the times you are not using it.


What Does a Fire Pit Cost?

That depends? You can spend anywhere from $300 to well over $5000 for a fire pit. You can pick up a cheap disposable fire pit at a local box store for a few hundred bucks. Don’t expect it to last very long. These “China” units are not built to withstand the elements. Or, you can pick up a high-qualityconcrete fire pit like the ones at Freedom Fire Pitsthat will last for many years to come. These will run anywhere from $1000 up to $5000 and beyond depending on size.


How To Use Your Fire Pit Safely?

As with any outdoor fire feature you always need to consider safety. Not only for the children but for the adults as well. A fire, as memorizing and tranquil it can be can also cause harm if not used responsibly. Do not ever use an accelerator like gasoline on your fire pit. This is a very bad idea.Do not store any flammable liquids near your fire pit. If you have children that you are sharing your memories with, make sure they are supervised when your fire pit is active. A fire can be a curious thing for a child so I recommend to notleave them unattended.  We all know that when adults gather and spirits are involved some pretty good social media videos can be had. Don’t be in that video. Turn off your fire pit to prevent anyone from getting injured.At the end of the day being responsible with your fire pit is always the right choice.

Can I Use My Fire Pit Indoors?

Propane and Natural Gas all release carbon monoxide as they burn. It is not recommended to install your fire pit indoors. It is also not recommended to use your fire pit in an enclosed patio. There must be sufficient ventilation around your fire pit to reduce the buildup of Carbon Monoxide.

Final Thoughts

Purchasing a fire pit can be an exciting project. Creating a gathering spot for friends and family is simply awesome. But the key to a successful fire pit installation is proper planning. Hopefully this guide has given you the tools to make that happen. After all, there’s nothing more satisfying than family and friends and the memories you make over a warm cozy fire.